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Terms & Conditions



Terms & Conditions

Minimum stay

Please accept that we can rent the „Roten Löwen Design-Apartment“ for a minimum stay of 3 nights only.

Booking request

For reservation of the apartment please fill in the form under booking and forward to our e-mail Within 24 hours you will get a reply regarding the availability of the apartment, the rate and information about advance payment.
Your request with your dates of travel will be non-binding.

Booking and Advance Payment

In order to complete a booking confirmation we ask you for an advance payment made paybale to our account.
The account details as well as the advance payment rate will be given to you in our reply.

The booking is confirmed and binding for both sides as soon as your advance payment has been transfered to our account.
Straight afterwards you will recieve a booking confirmation via e-mail.


Cancellations up to 90 days before arrival are free of charge, except for bank or credit card fees already made, in which case they will be repayable. In case of later cancellation we will keep the advance payment. If then - within the period of the cancelled booking - we can rent the apartment otherwise, the advance payment (a proportional amount, if only parts of the cancelled time is re-booked) can be credited to a voucher for your future bookings - this voucher is valid for 3 years only and can´t be passed on to third parties.


Check-in time on your day of arrival will be 4 pm at the latest, and will generally be arranged in advance by mail or phone.
On arrival the open amount of the entire booking will be due for payment.


On arrival you will leave a deposit of € 250,- to cover possible damages. On the basis of an orderly condition of the apartment you will receive the deposit on your departure.
In case of damage through inappropriate treatment, we will have to keep an adequate amount for repairs from the deposit.

Set of keys

On arrival you will receive one set of keys as well as further information for your stay. For an additional set of keys a deposit of € 100,- will be payable .
If a set of keys gets lost, the tenant is liable to inform the landlord immediately and has to cover the costs (to replace the keys and the locks). The tenant is liable for the damages resulting from the loss of keys - this also applies for third party claims.


We will say good-bye at your departure personally.
You will receive your deposit and any open bills can be paid in cash.
In case the apartment is booked for new tenants the day of your departure we will need to ask you to check out at 11 pm at the latest.


Our apartment is a non-smoking area.

Pets are not allowed.

The landlord reserves the right to make controlling visits in the apartment, to enter the apartment without advance notification in case of emergency or reasonable suspicion of damages and to fix damages. Viewing appointments with potential tenants will be announced and as possible agreed with the current tenant. The apartment must not be left to any third party without our written authorisation.

Area of application

Our services are carried out on base of these terms and conditions only. These are valid for all future business relations. Variations of the terms and conditions are valid only if the landlord confirms in writing.


The landlord is liable for a thorough procedure of bookings and the according availability of the apartment. In case of an act of God respectively adverse conditions the landlord has the right to offer the tenant a comparable accomodation. If no comparable accomodation can be offered, or if the tenant does not agree with the substitute there is the possibilty for both sides to withdraw from the contract. In any case the landlords liability is limited to the refund of the prepaid money.
The tenant and his travel companions confirm herewith to use the apartment and all its fittings at their own risk and to indemnify the landlord from all recourse claims (also from third parties who stay at the apartment upon approval by the tenant).
No liabilty will be assumed for any of the tenants valuables.
The apartment is not made childproof.

Maintainance and damages in the apartment

The tenant obligates himself to use the apartment and its contents carefully and with consideration. The landlord must be notified of defects or dangers in the apartment, which threaten its preservation, by the tenant immediately. The care and safety instructions given in the manuals (which are kept in the apartment) for the equipment in the apartment have to be followed. In case one of the manuals can not be read the landlord is to be informed immediately. If in case of an emergency the landlord is not available the tenant is obliged to arrange temporary repairs. the cost will be refunded by the landlord if the damage was not caused negligently by the tenant.


If not mentioned otherwise our rates are in EURO and exclusive of VAT.

Court of jurisdiction

Court of jurisdiction is Vienna. Austrian law applies.

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